This is the first five goals of the European

This is the first five goals of the European Cup this season, is the team's top scorer. 5 goals before the key, because there are four births in the knockout stage: with St. Etienne, Rostov's contest, Mickey scored a crucial away goal. And Anderlecht two rounds, he is a goal into each ball, Manchester United announced the smooth semi-finals. Muhitianliang called "the king of the cup", the European Cup + League Cup + FA Cup 15, contributed 7 goals 4 assists!Plus 2004 Porto Champions League champions, Mourinho nearly 14 years won four European war trophies, the history of the war in Europe won the championship second number of coach, and three wins the Cup of Liverpool marshal Paisley, Ferguson and AC Milan legend Rocco side by side, second only to 5 times to win the Italian coach Trapattoni Dave Henderson Jersey. But in three different clubs by the European War champion, Mourinho is also the history of the first three people, shoulder rate Bayern, Barcelona and the door of the European Championship Tartak, as well as in Valencia, Liverpool and Chelsea were aspirations to the Champions League and Europe The cup of Benitez Frankie Montas Jersey.Manchester City plans to offer 35 million euros to buy Donna horse, but then Manchester United also joined the competition Yonder Alonso Jersey, offer to 45 million euros. And Manchester City to be outdone, directly to the offer increased to 70 million euros, hoping that the young goalkeeper to strengthen the door to the door of the weak links Yairo Munoz Jersey.However, Manchester United may lose Deheya, but also to Donarum Ma Chi will get, will offer increased to 75 million euros. For Manchester United, if Real Madrid signed Deheya will certainly pay a lot of fees, so the Red Devils can be calmly involved in the fight for the Milan gods.

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Ziejo pass

Ziejo pass, Traray long shots are blocked. The first 65 minutes, Bogba biography, Felenie's header Gong Nanna was hugged. The first 66 minutes, Nares pass, Feltman long-range play fly. 71 minutes, Ajax free kick free kick free kick opportunity Jed Lowrie Jersey, then Qiyeh's hit the door hit the wall hit the people Renato Nunez Jersey.The first 81 minutes, Feltman pass, Delit long-range hit fly. Two minutes later, Frankie - De Jong ball Ryan Madson Jersey, Davidson - Sanchez's long shots higher than the beam. 87 minutes, Vanderbilt broke into the restricted area right-wing small angle Gongmen, Romero will be the ball struck. The final Manchester United 2 to 0 victory over Ajax, the first time won the European Cup champion, also get the next season's Champions League qualifying Jake Smolinski Jersey.This should belong to the final night of Manchester United, do not care Borgba in the end play 6 or 8, he has played in these two places enough of the game, enough experience. Mourinho is likely to be placed in the control of the audience No. 8, in the face of Ajax Youth, Bogba must show their strong ability.

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