Mourinho a war to create a number of records

Mourinho a war to create a number of records: 14 years to win two Champions League and two European Cup, became the history of the European War champion second number of coach, par with Ferguson, is the only Champions League and the European Cup win The number of times more than 2 times the legendary coach Rickey Henderson Jersey, and he became the first team of Manchester United history of the first season to win two important tournament champion coach, which Ferguson did not do it. In addition madman career 14 times into the mainstream finals, won the 12 crown, efficiency is called terror.But Mourinho another record Mark Canha Jersey, it is unparalleled in Europe, respectively, more than two times the Champions League and the European Cup, the history of his only one. Ferguson has won both the Champions League and the European Cup Winners Cup (Manchester United and Aberdeen 1), but never encroach on the European Cup. Various clubs, Mourinho career has been 25 titles, including four European warfighters, eight league win, four major domestic cup champion, four league Cup and 5 Super Cup. 25 crown, the champion coach, is still far from the end.Manchester United for Bogba to pay 100 million euros transfer fee, in the European Cup finals received a huge return. Opening 18 minutes the Frenchman broke the door, hit the Manchester United World War II history of the fastest scoring record, has become Zinedine and Gamelo oakland athletics shop, the 21st century, the third European war finals break the French international, former Manchester United defender Phil - Neville said: "This is what we have always wanted to see this season Catfish Hunter Jersey, Borgba.

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UEFA Cup final mourning a minute

UEFA Cup final mourning a minute before winning the locker room to pull the banner to mourn Jharel Cotton Jersey, Manchester fears shadow around Manchester United's European Cup final. Manchester United and Manchester City on the enemy, but also in the fear of the case together, "a city together," pray for Manchester prayer Coco Crisp Jersey.In the past nine months, many media criticized Bogba for not worth 8900 pounds Yonder Alonso Jersey, but at the end of the final day, some people would take the opportunity to criticize Borgba. Gulllett said: "Borgba in England did not give a deep impression, do not know Ajax will not be special to take care of him.Frankly speaking, the former player who has won many trophies in his career has been shown to be responsible, but people have always avoided talking about his strengths. This season he created more opportunities than anyone else, possession of the ball longer and longer, the number of shots and more Ryan Dull Jersey, he is also the target opponents focus on violations. These data can be listed a lot, but the focus of discussion is always back to 89 million pounds.

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